15th International symposium on Wood and Furniture conservation by Stichting Ebenist

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Friday, 24 April, 2020 to Saturday, 25 April, 2020
Friday, 1 November, 2019

Call for Papers - 'Louis, Louis, Louis! Origins, flourishing and spread of an international furniture style'

French fashions and styles have been en vogue for centuries, and the French court remained the epitome of style long after the Sun King’s reign had ended. The so-called Louis styles have been admired, followed, collected and reworked by many artists, in and outside of courts, and in many countries all over the world. Though French in origin, the Louis styles can therefore be seen as an international style phenomenon, spanning - with modern examples included - as many as five centuries. Furthermore, the Louis-styles and periods embody the height of European furniture making.

Because of the omnipresence of the Louis styles and their importance for the history and development of furniture, we hope many conservators and researchers have come across interesting examples they may wish to present.

Stichting Ebenist welcomes proposals for lectures on Louis furniture in its many forms and invites professionals and students in conservation and restoration, art history and materials science to submit an abstract for a presentation at the upcoming symposium. Among the many topics to consider are:

- Case studies of ensembles or pieces in one or several of the Louis styles.
- Conservation work (being) done on pieces of furniture, frames, (parts of) interiors or complete ensembles in a French Louis style, possibly in an architectural context or with original textile components.
- Luis, Luigi, Ludwig and Lodewijk: international or non-French examples of furniture in a Louis style.
- The spread or circulation of Louis styles, for example via contemporary pattern books, prints, publications, advertising, etc.
- Materials used through the different periods, whether they be types of wood, (Boulle) marquetry, types of gilding, polychromy, upholstery, embroidery, leather, (gilded) brass, furniture fittings, mechanics, clocks, etc.
- The development of construction techniques and solutions to accommodate the changing Louis styles and new demands.
- Re-worked, changed or re-used Louis furniture or anomalies within the Louis styles or corpus.
- Historic collections containing pieces in one or several Louis styles, or pieces with interesting provenances.

In addition to the 20-minute presentations we also welcome 5-minute flash talks, as well as posters. On-going projects where final results have not necessarily been obtained can also be submitted.

Please send your 300-word abstract, a short biography and contact details to info@ebenist.org. Abstracts are accepted until Nov 1st, 2019. Successful applicants will be required to submit the presentation and the full text for the proceedings by April 20th, 2020.

For further information please visit: www.ebenist.org