'Conservation and Change: Response, Adaptation and Leadership'


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Welcome to the IIC Congress Blog

Welcome to IIC's Blog for the 29th Biennial Congress. After our first online Congress in 2020, we are excited for another first in 2022: a Hybrid Congress, with delegates meeting in-person, in Wellington, and online all over the world.  As with past congresses, this blog will be updated daily with new summaries, opinions and images from the on-going congress sessions and lectures between 5-9 September.

Once again, we have a stellar team of Digital Engagement Volunteers who will not only be moderating the Q&A discussions for each session, but will also be writing daily blog posts. So if you aren't able to engage in the live session discussions, or want more insight into the talks and speakers, be sure to check out the IIC Congress Blog for daily updates!

Lake Tekapo, Christchurch, Canterbury

By Alexandra Taylor

The IIC Wellington Congress: an overview

IIC Lima Congress 2024

Runnan Luo

Thursday, Final Remarks and Closing Ceremony

Karla Álvarez and Mariana Onofri

By Annabelle Williams

In Session 10, we explored three presentations discussing the role of sustainability not only in conservation but equally in wider heritage environments.

Thursday, Session 8: New Preventive Conservation Approaches (2)

Reviewed by Júlia Junger

Screen shot from A Long View Of Change In Caring For Historic House Interiors: From Housekeeping To Preventive Conservation, Collections Care And Beyond.

Session 7: New Preventive Conservation Approaches (Part 1)

Reviewed by Roos van der Helm

During the Q&A session for session 7: New Preventive Conservation Approaches (Part 1), captured by in-person DEV.

Session 7:  New Preventive Conservation Approaches (Part 1) Thursday 08 September 2022

By Aparna Srivastava

Liz Hébert

On Thursday, posters covering various topics were presented, prior to presentations by two Keck award nominees from the Americas.

Jessica Argall & Rachel Davis

Screenshot from “Conserving the Collection: A Series of Exhibitions on Art Conservation Over 7 years” by Anupam Sah, in India & Southeast Asia Live Hub (Keck Award Special Session).

Fanxuan Fu

Tuesday, Regional Live Hub 2: India & Southeast Asia

Screen shot from  ‘A Methodology for Modelling Conservation, Access and Sustainability. Image taken by Genevieve Sullivan from India and South East Asia Live Hub.

Genevieve Sullivan


Screenshot of Zaffer Chan talking about “Research into Asian Seaweed-based Adhesive “Shi Hua Cai” for mounting paper” by Aparna Srivastava from Poster session (group A).

Poster Session (Group A), Tuesday, 06, September

Reviewed by Aparna Srivastava

Photo of Panel and Chair from Kōrerorero: Conversation that Matter on Tuesday Afternoon. Speakers include (left to right): Tharron Blomfield, Jade Hadfield, Kararaina Te Ira, Erina McCann, Rose Evans, Paul Diamond (chair). Photograph by Jane Henderson

Benjamin Francis Lew

Wednesday, IIC Dialogue: Kōrerorero: conversations that matter

Installation view from the upper level of Te Pasifika (Melbourne Museum), the redevelopment of which, using a community-centred approach, is outlined by McCann & Hadfield. Image courtesy of Jessica Argall.

Session 3: Working with Communities

Reflections - Jessica Argall

Image depicting storage option for shadow-puppets in Museum Folkwang in Essen, Germany.

Alexandra Taylor

Tuesday, Session 2: Repatriation and Decolonisation

lecture theatre during presentation. Image captured by one of our incredible in-person DEVs.

Roos van der Helm  and  Alexandra Taylor

Tuesday, Session 2: Repatriation and Decolonisation

Still from Irit Narkiss's presentation, Decolonising Museum Conservation Practice: A View From The UK .

Roos van der Helm

Tuesday, Session 2: Repatriation and Decolonisation

Screen shot from presentation by Angélica Isa-Adaniya, Anibal Alviz-Meza and Juan Carlos F. Rodriguez-Reyes in Session 1

Júlia Junger

Tuesday, Session 1: Education and Collaboration

Image 1 - Screen shot of the conservation work described in “Applied Conservation Practice within a Living Heritage site”. Image taken by Anna Rota from European Live Hub. 

Ana Rota and Jelena Zagora

The panel at the Q&A for the Special Speakers session. Image taken by Sam Finch.

Sam Finch

Monday, Special Session: Invited Speakers from Aotearoa New Zealand

 IIC President Julian Bickersteth introduces our Forbes Prize winner Vicki-Anne Heikell. Image taken by Sam Finch.

Sam Finch and Lucilla Ronai

Monday, Forbes Prize Lecture – Vicki-Anne Heikell

A very special Opening Ceremony - the Mihi Whakatau which is a form of welcome in Māori. Screen capture by Lucilla Ronai re-watching the recording.

Lucilla Rona and Sam Finch

Monday, Opening Ceremony: the Mihi Whakatau and IIC President’s Opening Remarks Live in Wellington