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    XpectralTEK Student and Main Posters Prizes
    XpectralTEK was a supporting partner and exhibitor at IIC's 27th Biennial Congress in Turin, Italy. For the first time XpectralTEK offered two Poster Prizes that were awarded to a Poster and Student Poster, a judging panel reviewed all the accepted posters for the Congress and chose the winners based on innovation in research related to technology and preventive conservation. The prizes were presented at the Closing Ceremony on Friday 14th September 2018 by IIC’s President Sarah Staniforth CBE.

    XpectralTEK Student Poster Prize consisted of a certificate, 1 year IIC Membership for each student poster author and a shared cash prize of £150. XpectralTEK Poster Prize consisted of a certificate, 1 year IIC Membership for each poster author, and a shared cash prize of £300. We expected the prizes to contribute towards the recipients’ professional development, research excellence and for innovation development.

    XpectralTEK is a tech company dedicated on the development of spectral imaging solutions enabling any art conservator to see and understand what is not visible to the human eye.