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Technical Programme

Monday 10 September

Stefan Michalski; The Forbes Prize Lecture

Session 1: Perspectives, Leadership and the Evolving Profession – 1

Chair: Austin Nevin

Anna E. Bülow, Jessica Stitt, Agnes Brokerhof; I can see further now: preventive conservation in a changing heritage world

David Thickett; Frontiers of preventive conservation

Matteo Rossi-Doria; Overcoming obstacles to preventive conservation projects in Italy: the case of the Savoy Carriage Collection of the Presidency of the Republic

Session 2: Lighting and Exhibition

Chair: David Saunders

Agnes Brokerhof, Pieter Kuiper, Steph Scholten; Spread or sacrifice: dilemma for lighting policies

Kate Frame, Kathryn Hallett, Constantina Vlachou-Mogire, Mika Takami; Balancing significance and maintaining a sense of place in the sustainable display of Tudor tapestries in the Great Hall and Great Watching Chamber, Hampton Court Palace

Paolo Iacomussi, Michela Radis, Fabrizio Valdreda, Paulo Di Lazzaro; Lighting the Shroud of Turin for exhibition in 2015

SESSION 3: Vibration

Chair: Lorenzo Appolonia

W.(Bill) Wei, Siobhan Watts,Tracey Seddon, David Crombie; Protecting museum collections from vibrations due to construction: vibration statistics, limits, flexibility and cooperation

Anna Henningsson; A model for vibration monitoring of immovable art in churches: reflections on monitoring as a tool for preventive conservation

Tuesday 11 September

SESSION 4: Environmental Management and Collections Documentation

Chair: Stefan Michalski

Sarah VanSnick, Kostos Ntanos; On digitisation as a preventive conservation measure

Helen Lindsay; Evidencing the case for preventive conservation: the role of collections care documentation

Joel Taylor, Foekje Boersma; Managing environments for collections: the impact of international loans on sustainable climate strategies

Hussein M. Kamal, Manar M. Elkhial, Tarek S. Tawfik; The role of preventive conservation in designing the King Tutankhamun galleries in the Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza

SESSION 5: Sites 1

Chair: Agnes Brokerhof

Andrew Thorn; Re-evaluation of environmental modifications to an island cemetery after 28 years

Denise Charua-Ayala, Rosario Guerra, Clotilde Lemoine, Federico Cambieri, Nora A. Pérez, José Luis Ruvalcaba-Sil; Preventive conservation applied to wall paintings in a desert environment in Mexico

Martin Michette, Stefan Bichlmaier, Ralf Kilian; Diagnosing decay mechanisms at the Porta Nocera Necropolis, Pompeii: the first step towards effective preventive conservation

SESSION 6: Climate, Collections and Risk - 1

Chair: Agnes Brokerhof

Svendsen, Poul Klenz Larsen, Lars Aasbjerg Jensen; A review of the physics and the building science which underpins methods of low energy storage of museum and archive collections

Poul Klenz Larsen; Humidity control in historic buildings in Denmark

Nigel Blades, Katy Lithgow, Sarah Staniforth, Bob Hayes; Conservation heating twenty-four years on

SESSION 7: Climate, Collections and Risk - 2

Chair: Catherine Antomarchi

Oscar Chiantore, Chiara Riedo, Tommaso Poli, Giancarlo Cotrufo, Peter Hoenstatt; Risk assessment and preservative measures for volatile organic compounds in museum showcases

N. Astrid R. van Giffen,Stephen P. Koob, Jerzy J. Kunicki-Goldfinger, Robert H. Brill; Caring for glass collections: the importance of maintaining environmental controls

Wednesday 12 September

SESSION 8: Public Engagement


Nicole Tse, Ana Maria Theresa Labrador, Marcelle Scott, Roberto Balarbar; Preventive conservation: people, objects, place and time in the Philippines

Nancy Bell, May Cassar, Matija Strlič; Evidence for informed preservation planning and advocacy: a synoptic view

Lynne Harrison, Catherine Higgitt, Joseph Padfield; Finding common ground: the role of preventive conservation in responding to the expectations of contemporary audiences at the National Gallery, London

Amber Xavier-Rowe, Paul Lankester, Dee Lauder, David Pinniger; Integrated Pest Management and clothes moth at English Heritage: a public engagement masterstroke

IIC Point of the Matter Dialogue

Organised in conjunction with the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM)
Culture Cannot Wait: Integrating Cultural Heritage First Aid with Humanitarian Assistance in Crises

SESSION 9: Preparing for the Future: Training

Chair: Stavroula Golfomitsou

Joelle D. J. Wickens, Debra Hess Norris; The imperative of soft skill development in preventive conservation practice and training

Simon Lambert, Catherine Antomarchi, Kelly Johnson, Julie Stevenson, Marjolijn Debulpaep, Theocharis Katrakazis; Preventive conservation on demand: developing tools and learning resources for the next generation of collections professionals

Thursday 13 September

SESSION 10: Climate, Collections and Risk - 3

Chair: Lorenzo Appolonia and Michaela Cardinali

Danilo Forleo, Nadia Francaviglia; Condition assessment of historic house collections: testing different statistical methods at the Château de Versailles

Naoko Sonoda, Shingo Hidaka, Kaoru Suemori; Continuous efforts over 10 years for storage re-organization at the National Museum of Ethnology, Japan

Bart Ankersmit, Marc H.L. Stappers, Rick Kramer; Guideline in jeopardy: observations on the application of the ASHRAE chapter on climate control

Robert Waller, Kasey Lee; Impact of facility renewal deferment on risk to Royal British Columbia Museum, Canada, collections

SESSION 11: Climate, Collections and Risk - 4

Chair: Sarah Staniforth

Barbara Świątkowska, Łucja Skoczeń-Rąpała, Dorota Okrągła, Mariusz Jędrychowski, Janusz Czop; Chemical deterioration and physical failure: risk analysis for a paper collection

Paul Garside, Karen Bradford, Sarah Hamlyn; The use of risk management to support preventive conservation

Alain Roche, Alexia Soldano; The effect of changes in environmental conditions on the mechanical behaviour of selected paint systems

SESSION 12: Innovative Detection

Chair: Joyce Townsend

Matteo Calabrese, Nicoletta Odisio, Lorenzo Appolonia, Andrea Bernagozzi, Jean Marc Christille, Annie Glarey, Simonetta Migliorini, Nicole Seris; Integrated and predictive systems for preventive conservation

Arkadiusz Kupczak, Mariusz Jędrychowski, Marcin Strojecki, Leszek Krzemień, Łukasz Bratasz, Michał Łukomski, Roman Kozłowski; HERIe: a Web-based Decision-supporting tool for assessing risk of physical damage using various failure criteria

Łukasz Bratasz, Mohammad Reza Vaziri Sereshk; Crack saturation as a mechanism of acclimatization of panel paintings
to unstable environments

Michal Łukomski, Vincent Beltran, Foekje Boersma, James Druzik, Ashley Freeman, Marcin Strojecki, Thomas Learner, Joel Taylor; Monitoring acoustic emission in an epidemiological pilot study of a collection of wooden objects

Friday 14 September

SESSION 13: Sites - 2

Chair: Julian Bickersteth

Michael C. Henry, Wendy C. Jessup; From the outside in: a collaborative approach to context-driven and capacity-constrained preventive conservation strategies for collections in heritage buildings and sites

Sarah-Jane Fox, Caroline Babington, Fiona Macalister, Thomas Bower, Charlotte Martin de Fonjaudran; Monitoring and mitigating particulate matter deposition on decorative surfaces: current and future approaches in the Palace of Westminster

Masahide Inuzuka, Masayuki Morii; Investigation of thermal environment inside the shelter for decorated tumulus in Japan

Lori Wong, Vincent Beltran, Chen Yang, Shin Maekawa, Sara Lardinois, Hany Hussein, Neville Agnew; Improving environmental conditions in the tomb of Tutankhamen

SESSION 14: Sites - 3

Chair: Jo Kirby Atkinson

Tobit Curteis; The cathedrals of England: environmental performance, conservation and exhibitions

Enrico Rinaldi, Massimo Osanna; Access and conservation at Pompeii: strategies for sustainable co-existence

Patricia R. Moreira, Nádia Silva, Rob C. Pullar, Manuela E. Pintado, Eduarda Vieira; Biotechnology for preventive conservation: development of bionanomaterials for anti-microbial coating of outdoor sculptures

SESSION 15: Perspectives, Leadership and the Evolving Profession - 2

Chair: Sarah Staniforth

Jessica Lewinsky; ‘The State is Me.’ My role as a conservator: do conservators have power within the cultural structure?

Hannah Clare; Vision and vulnerability: thoughts on leadership and conservation

Jane Henderson; Decision making under uncertainty for conservators.

SESSION 16: Sustainability

Chair: Mikkel Scharff

Jill Sterrett, Roberta Piantavigna; Building an environmentally sustainable San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Stefan Michalski, Irene Karsten; The cost-effectiveness of preventive conservation actions