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Preventive Conservation: The State of the Art

Turin, 10 – 14 September 2018
It will be 24 years since an IIC Congress last specifically addressed issues in preventive conservation in Ottawa in 1994. During that quarter of a century the field has developed enormously and preventive conservation has moved to the centre stage of museum, site and heritage management, contributing to the sustainability of organisations as well as the care of their collections. In addition to capturing developments and changes in scientific understanding and practice, this congress will focus on current issues that exercise our field. It will build on some recent IIC initiatives, including the 2008 Congress on Conservation and Access and the IIC/ICOM-CC environmental guidelines developed at the 2014 Hong Kong Congress, and will also look to the future.

The location for the 2018 Congress is Turin, a city with a strong international profile and innovative industrial centre and, at the same time, a comfortable, relaxed ambience. Turin has a rich and varied cultural history from its ancient Roman past to the contemporary art scene that has transformed some of its former industrial areas. For three centuries from the late 16th century, the city was enriched under the rule of the Royal House of Savoy, seen in the Baroque splendour of its palaces and churches and its elegant arcaded streets. Royal residences and hunting lodges constructed for pleasure surround the city and the nearby regions of Piemonte and this ‘Crown of Delights’ around Turin is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Historic buildings such as these, painted, decorated and furnished with all the elements that contribute to the scheme as a whole, are frequently also the homes of museum collections; most also receive countless visitors: all these varied needs and potential issues are faced by those working within the field of preventive conservation. We do not want to lose the sense of place represented by an historic building, nor to cause damage to frail painted surfaces and furnishings inadvertently while welcoming visitors to experience the history of these unique sites. It is appropriate that one of the Savoy palaces, La Venaria Reale, is home to the Conservation and Restoration Centre, one of our partners in the 2018 Congress, together with the Italian Regional Group of IIC (IGIIC), the City of Turin itself and Turismo Torino e Provincia.

The simultaneous Call for Papers and Posters is now closed

Proposals for papers and posters were invited to reflect the breadth and depth of this topic. The following issues will be the focus of the presentations:

- Risk assessment and risk management

- Scientific research into the past and future response of objects to agents of deterioration
- Micro and macro techniques and future trends for research

- Managing visitors, carrying capacity and developments in conservation and access since IIC 2008 Congress

- Preventive conservation in historic buildings and sites
- Balancing conservation and use / sense of place
- Painted and decorative surfaces

- Professional issues in preventive conservation
- Training and education
- Decision-making
- Leadership and management
- Relationships with other museum and heritage professionals including registrars, facilities managers, collections managers and collections care professionals

- Social sciences and preventive conservation
- Social benefits of preservation
- Evidence and epidemiology
- Language
- Values and significance

- Vibration, packing and transport

- Integrated pest management

- Pollution and indoor air quality

- Development of the IIC/ICOM-CC 2014 environmental guidelines
- Passive and low energy buildings, reduction of carbon footprint in existing buildings
- Low energy environmental control and lighting
- Innovations in museum storage
- Sustainability for museums and heritage organisations
- Loan conditions (including Bizot green protocol)

- Preventive conservation and contemporary art (building on IIC 2016 Congress)

- Future trends

Conditions of Submission

IIC Technical Committees always look for new and original, unpublished work, relevant to the Congress theme and to conservation. Multidisciplinary proposals are encouraged. A requirement of submission is that one of the authors of each selected paper or poster must attend the Congress to present the work to the audience.

Papers and posters presented at and published as a result of an IIC Congress all undergo a rigorous peer review process by a Technical Committee of international experts who will make selections from the proposals received. Selected authors will be invited to develop the proposal into a synopsis for consideration by the Technical Committee; further details will be made available later. The final papers and poster synopses will be edited for publication as the Congress Preprints by the Congress Editorial Committee. Please remember that submissions should not have been presented and/or published elsewhere before the date of the Congress.

Responses to submitted proposals: next steps

Proposals will be responded to by the Technical Committee by 30 July 2017. Draft manuscripts will be required by 1 October 2017 and the final selection will be made by 1 December 2017. Final manuscripts, together with images and any permissions or agreement required to publish text and images, will be due by 15 January 2018.

We look forward to seeing you in Turin!