Past Congresses

Funded Online Registration for Regional Live Hubs

In the planning of this hybrid Congress we don't want travel or the registration fee to be a barrier. By having a dedicated online programme, we are aiming to make everything as accessible as we can for those who are joining from around the globe. 

Thanks to the support of our sponsors Tru Vue Inc. FREE online participation is available to colleagues living and/or working in Band 2 - 4  full list of countries available here, including the following IIC priority region: Africa, South America + Caribbean, and South-East Asia. If you are a non-member located in an IIC priority region or Band 2 -4 countries you can register to attend online here.

With thanks to the support of the Getty Foundation we are also able to support a dedicated Regional Live Hub for India. If you would like to register to participate in the Regional Live Hub India you can complete this simple online form here.