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Thursday, Session 11: Climate, Collections and Risk - 4

This was the final session to focus on this aspect of preventive conservation, and it built on the use of risk analysis through the scientific effects on collections.

The first of the three papers, from the National Museum in Krakow, ranged from very specific predictions on damage worsening over time to a specially designed IT tool using a logarithmic scale covering all extremes. In the questions, it was asked if deacidification was considered, but this was considered inappropriate for the high-value works on low-quality paper.

Friday, Session 13: Sites - 2

We started the last day of the conference with a session that took us on a trip around the world. From The Palace of Westminster in London, to ancient Tumuli in Japan, finishing at the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt. The projects might have taken place in different latitudes on the planet, but the session had a clear focus on the importance of communication as a tool for preventive conservation regardless of location.

Friday, Session 14: Sites - 3

Session 14 started with the two talks about the impact of the public on the environmental changes of a heritage site and the results of this interaction. Tobit Curteis talked about the number of visits having increased in the English cathedral heritage, which has impacted the buildings’ microclimates, while Erico Rinaldi spoke about the fragility and complexity of the Pompeii site plus the exponential growth of visitors that has had direct impact on the conservation and maintenance of the site.

Friday, Session 16: Sustainability

Talk 1: Jill Sterrett and Roberta Piantavigna “Building an Environmentally Sustainable San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)”

Talk 2: Stefan Michalski and Irene Karsten “The cost-effectiveness of preventive conservation actions”

The last two talks of the conference discussed sustainability from quite different perspectives.

Xpectraltek Main Poster Prize: Honourable Mention

Rosanna Kuon and her teammates (Lorice Sivira, Marcela Rosselló, and Maria Inés Velarde) were thrilled to receive an Honourable Mention for their poster at the IIC 2018 Turin Congress this past September. As generously submitted by the authors, here is a closer look at their poster:Rosanna Kuon is a conservator and instructor of Preventive Conservation at Ricardo Palma University in Peru, awarded an Honourable Mention for the research presented with clarity and excellent design and presentation.


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