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Session 11: Community

The final session of the 28th IIC biennial Congress tooks us across three time zones. Though geographically dispersed, it was perfectly summed up by one of the speakers that the presentations showcased “diverse but connected experiences.”

Session 8: Collections in Historic Buildings - The Japanese and Chinese Paintings at Taliesin: Their Display and Conservation

This Thursday ended with session 8 relating to Collections in historic buildings, including four cases from four distant places but all related to the care and challenges of exhibition and balance between the building and the collections they house. In this blogspot I will particularly focus on one of the presentations, I will share a brief comment of the case, the most relevant impressions during the live presentation and, at the end, the highlights of the Q&A session.

Session 7: Architectural and Archaeological Sites

As we are experiencing this pandemic, we are aware of its adverse effects in the conservation world especially with travel limitations, physical distancing, migration, and the fiscal challenges faced by art and cultural institutions. Considering this challenging year, the digital spirit of the IIC Congress has brought our conservation world together digitally, and it has been truly appreciated by the participants. We humans have persevered and so has our cultural heritage in its various forms, be it architectural or archaeological, which was the focus of Session 7.

Session 6: Sustainability

The keyword for session six was sustainability. Because of the current global environmental crisis, my mind links this word strongly with the environment and little else. However, throughout this session, the many meanings of the word sustainability were illustrated through diverse and captivating projects.

Session 3: Wall Paintings

This third session of the Congress focused on the complexity and challenges of wall paintings. We were taken around the world with four captivating talks by panellists Sibylla Tringham from the UK, Kaoru Suemori from Japan, Kathrine Segel from Denmark, and Chiara Pasian from Malta. 

Forbes Prize Lecture

The first day of Congress included a moving reflection on the history and future of conservation science through Dr. Norman Tennent’s Forbes Prize Lecture. The Forbes Prize Lecture has been delivered at each IIC Congress since the Rome Congress in 1961. Lecturers for this distinguished event are selected based on their important contributions to the field of conservation. Throughout his career, Dr.

Opening Ceremony

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we join our conservation friends and colleagues in the 28th IIC biennial Congress 2020. This is a very special edition in a very complex context, but rather than be worried, we would like to share the spirit of this edition, so welcome one and all! Also, Bienvenidos from Argentina (Cecilia) and Namaste from India (Priyanka)!

Session 1: Invited Speakers from Scotland

The first session of this year’s Congress started with an overview of conservation work in Scotland. Our journey began with Dermot Patterson’s talk on the conservation of McEwan Hall, the original site of the congress venue before everything went virtual. We then zoomed out to the two World Heritage Sites that are Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns with Paul Lawrence’s talk about civil society’s interest in heritage in Edinburgh. Finally, the session ended with the entire country of Scotland and the work of Historic Environment Scotland presented by the director of conservation, David Mitchell.

Point of the Matter Dialogue: Culture Cannot Wait

The International Institute for Conservation (IIC) is pleased to announce “Culture Cannot Wait: Integrating Cultural Heritage First Aid with Humanitarian Assistance in Crises”, the next dialogue in its “Point of the Matter” series. The dialogue, organized in conjunction with the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), will take place on Wednesday September 12, 2018 in Turin, Italy during the 27th Biennial Congress of the IIC.


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