Practices and Challenges in Built Heritage Conservation'


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A message from our title sponsor, Conservation by Design:

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In the quest for the maximum public engagement with built heritage those protecting it face many challenges, for example the management of visitors and the trials of maintaining archives and stores, often in situ.

We are living through difficult times. Even before the Covid pandemic, protecting our cultural heritage and our environment, whilst making sound commercial decisions, were high on all our agendas. Dealing with the recent ecological challenges, fires (Australia) and floods (UK), had set us unprecedented problems to deal with. Now finding ways to work and live in a post Covid world will be challenging but could also present exciting opportunities too. We all need to work together to make greater strides to protect our built heritage and those collections which reside within, or at least understand better what is possible. Being central at the IIC conference gives us the best opportunity to be part of that important exchange.

Our partnership with University College London over the last few years has shown that the way forward for companies like ours is collaboration with conservators and conservation scientists alike. That way we are working together to develop products that directly answer the questions and needs of our customers. Please keep an eye out for our newly launched Timecare magazine where we will share some of these stories from many perspectives.

Our plan is to deliver product information to wider audiences in many languages, and to get those products to you more quickly. We have just launched our new website in the UK and this will be rolled out globally in the coming months, along with improvements in customer services.

Whether rehousing your collections or building a conservation studio CXD can work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs.

For us the hard work in getting ready for the IIC conference starts now. We want to ensure we make an informative and exciting contribution.

We look forward to seeing you online.