'Practices and Challenges in Built Heritage Conservation'


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Linked Conservation Data Workshop on Friday 6 November

Information about the workshop will be announced soon.

About Linked Conservation Data

Linked Conservation Data is a Network of partners working on improving access of conservation documentation records. The aim of the Network is to discuss and report on ways that conservation documentation can be disseminated and re-used more effectively through Linked Data. The project is continuing its work as phase 2 research, developing tools and resources for Conservators, Conservation Scientists and others interested in sharing Conservation Documentation using Linked Data. Consortium members have joined working groups on specific topics: modelling, terminology, pilot, education, and policy. Four institutions are participating in a pilot to use linked data for a subset of their conservation treatment documentation; The Bodleian Library, Oxford, the Library of Congress, the National Archives (UK), and Stanford Libraries. These institutions have each selected between 30 and 50 treatment reports spanning over 50 years of documenting repair of books with detached boards (The John Rylands library is also contributing to this effort).

The goal is to model this data using the CIDOC-CRM along with aligned local vocabularies. Once this is accomplished, we will test how the resulting summarized data can answer research questions in book conservation. Leading this effort is Alberto Campagnolo, who also joined LCD in April 2020. We are also working with representatives from our three main professional groups - IIC, Icon, and AIC - on developing policy guidance for the use of linked data for conservation documentation. We are looking forward to presenting our work in this area at the IIC Congress online in Edinburgh in November 2020.

Further information about the project be found here.