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Grants and Bursaries

We hope to encourage attendance from conservators and cultural heritage professionals from all over the world and for those who are at different stages of their career including students and early career professionals. Details of grants currently available are listed below.

Details for how to apply are outlined below.

Getty Foundation Attendance Grants

Thanks to the generosity of the Getty Foundation, IIC are pleased to be able to offer 30 grants to enable practicing conservators to participate in this year’s Congress online. Recipients will receive a special invitation to the online preview event, access to the full programme, live Q&A sessions, online networking events, exhibition and virtual tours with a further 30-day access to the congress platform to view all papers, posters and recorded sessions.

Grants will be open to practicing conservators currently engaged in either a public or a private capacity from emerging economies and from countries not part of Western Europe, North America, Australasia or Japan. All grant awards to eligible applicants are subject to final review by the Getty Foundation and are not available to recipients of other IIC-managed grants related to attendance at this IIC Congress.

This year Getty Grant recipients will also be able to participate in a professional development workshop online, led by Debbie Hess Norris, Bob Norris and Sarah Staniforth, ‘Developing Leadership and Advocacy Skills for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage’. Further details about the session are available here.

A £30 per diem payment for the 5 days (maximum £150) per grant recipient, will also be awarded to cover expenses that facilitate digital access and online participation, such as the purchase of headphones and enhanced data connectivity.

Deadline for Applications: 25 September 2020

Access to the full Congress programme online with 30-days on-demand access for Institutions (up to 5 staff) and Universities (up to 25 students/researchers/staff) is also available with support provided to cover the costs of registration only. If you are interested in applying as an Institution or University please contact the IIC Office: iic@iiconservation.org

Deadline for Applications Extended to: 30 September 2020

Tru Vue

Thanks to the generosity of Tru Vue, we will be offering a number of funded places for non-members to attend online – whatever your location or employment circumstances

We are enormously grateful to Tru Vue who have agreed to cover 100% of the registration fee for online attendance for conservators and cultural heritage professionals who have been furloughed, made redundant or laid off within the sector. We hope that through Tru Vue’s generosity, uncertain work prospects will be no longer be a barrier to professional development.

Deadline for Applications: 15 October 2020

The Brommelle Memorial Fund

This fund was established in 1990 in memory of Norman Brommelle, who was Secretary-General of IIC between 1958 and 1988. The fund is used to provide assistance for students of conservation who wish to attend the Institute’s international congresses. Students are defined as those enrolled in a full-time course of conservation training leading to a recognised academic qualification, and thanks to the generosity of IIC members we will also be supporting Early Career professionals this year. Students may apply at any time during their course of study, including their final year or internship. Early Career professionals, including individuals establishing themselves within the profession, are eligible to apply if they have graduated or qualified within the last 5 years.

The Fund will normally provide support towards 100% of the registration fee for participating in the Congress online.

Deadline for Applications: 15 October 2020

How to Apply

There is no formal application form for these grants. Instead you will need to send to the IIC office an application made up of the following:

  1. A brief statement (up to 250 words, in English) describing how attendance online at the Congress would be of benefit to you and to conservation in your country
  2. For Getty Grants - an outline of how the £30 per diem (maximum £150 per grant recipient) payment will be used to support your participation online including brief details of whether you need any additional support to be able to access the Congress online (e.g. IT equipment such as headsets).
  3. A copy of your current CV (curriculum vitae) with your full name and contact details / home postal address
  4. A signed letter of support from one senior professional conservator, who should be named, with their affiliations and full contact details

Applications will be accepted in English only. Applications will be accepted by email or post and should be received by the September 25, 2020 for Getty Grants and 15 October for Tru Vue and Brommelle grants, subject line indicating the name of the grant (e.g. Getty Attendance Grant, Tru Vue Supported Place or Brommelle Fund) you are applying for. Please contact the IIC Office if you have any queries: office@iiconservation.org

Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified as soon as a decision has been made. Successful applicants will be informed of the arrangements for payment of the stipend grant.

After the congress

Successful applicants are required to submit a short report of their participation to IIC; this report will then be shared with the main grant funder.

Anna Plowden CPD Grants

Our thanks to Anna Plowden Trust and their support with a CPD grant to cover the full cost of IIC membership for one year for practicing conservators based in the UK, enabling recipients to attend the IIC Edinburgh Congress online and access the other benefits that IIC offers to its members. Applications are directly to the Anna Plowden Trust by 15 September 2020, further details can be found here