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IIC provides a unique opportunity for Students to benefit from a peer-reviewed platform for their research and work on conservation projects.

Being selected as a Student Poster Presenter allows emerging professionals in the conservation arena to participate in conservation’s international showcase. Student Posters were displayed alongside the other Posters throughout the meeting.

Poster Presentations

  • Beller, Alexa; Summer, Josh; Albertson, Gerrit ; Liquitex® acrylic emulsion cleaning study. Testing siloxane-based cleaning materials
  • Brown, Heather ; Food as ink: Ed Ruscha’s screenprints from the 1970s
  • Burr, Elizabeth; Day, Lesley; Pearlstein, Ellen; De Brer, Chris ; Interpreting bromine in pXRF data from organics in museum collections
  • Coon, Carolien; Strlic, Matija ; Rapid characterisation of rapid prototypes: Photo-stability assessment using microfadometry
  • Corona, Madeline; Owens, Samantha ; Comparing cleaning methods for cellulose nitrate: Study of the silicone solvent D4
  • Faust, Emilie; Balcar, Nathalie; Mélard, Nicolas ; Microtopography to assess the impact of aqueous cleaning solutions on a vinyl emulsion paint surface
  • Imhoff, Christian; Giebeler, Julia; Heydenreich, Gunnar ; Best practice for the conservation of 88 CRT-TVs? Technical feasibilities reflected on Nam June Paik’s “Fish Flies on Sky”
  • Krish, Kelly M.; Dredge, Paula; Carter, Elizabeth; Lay, Peter; Harrison, Therese ; Exploring the potential for Surface-Enchanced Spectroscopy (SERS) in monitoring the off-gassing in storage of objects containing poly(vinyl chloride)
  • Liu, Liu; Bratasz, Lukasz; Schwarz, Cynthia; Gunnison, Anne ; Analysis of shrinkage mechanism of cellulose acetate during ageing
  • Melissas-Baltzis, Dimitris; Dermitzaki, Evanthia ; Panagopoulou, Adamantia ; The Electric Barrel of Takis: Conservation of outdoor sculpture for popular use
  • Montereali, Luis ; Geopolymeric binder. Study of an inorganic, cement free binder for concrete repair
  • Paric, Marina; Krist, Gabriela; Trummer, Manfred; Putzgruber, Eva ; “Par Bleu” – Conservation of performance artwork by Franz West
  • Pöll, Katharina ; Kirst, Gabriela; Ocks, Caroline; Loiskandl, Veronika; Bayerova, Tatjana ; Challenges of cleaning acrylic emulsion paintings: surface treatment of the water damaged painting “The Cyclist” by Ilya & Emilia Kabakov
  • Raimundo, Milton; Ferreira, Joana Lia ; Preservation of General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) sculptures – heat modeling in “Pequenas Esculturas” (1975) by Ângelo de Sousa
  • Riquier, Agathe; Ivanova, Natalia; DePriest, Paula T.; Koestler, Robert J. ; Preserving functionality of contemporary art with argon gas?
  • Soldano, Alexia; van den Berg, Klaas Jan; Wijnberg, Louise ; Attempts to characterise modern oil paintings through simple surface measurements: a case study of works by Karel Appel
  • Wan, Long Yu; Lei, Zu Kang ; Zhang, Ye ; Preliminary study on the assessment of murals by BIM technology: Two murals at Wudang Mountain Taoist Temple
  • Williams, Roger S. ; A borrowed technique: The use of bulked epoxy for scaleboard loss compensation
  • Wylder, Morgan ; Beyond the surface: Examination and contextualisation of paintings by Paul Gauguin in the Courtauld Gallery
  • Xiradakis, Polyxeni ; Conservation of public murals: Testing materials for surface coatings