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Congress Local Organising Committee

  • Jerry Podany, Chair, retired Senior Conservator of Antiquities, J. Paul Getty Museum
  • Suzanne Deal Booth, conservator, philanthropist and Founder of The Friends of Heritage Preservation 
  • Mark Gilberg, Director of Suzanne D. Booth and David G. Booth Conservation Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Tom Learner,  Head of Science, Getty Conservation Institute
  • Rosa Lowinger, Rosa Lowinger & Associates
  • Gary Mattison, Science Department Coordinator, Getty Conservation Institute
  • Rachel Rivenc, Associate Scientist, Getty Conservation Institute
  • Tatyana Thompson, Tatyana M. Thompson and Associates
  • Dana Saal, Saal Meeting Consulting
  • Jo Kirby Atkinson, Secretary General IIC
  • Graham Voce,  Executive Secretary IIC

Technical Committee

  • Austin Nevin (Chair, Italy)
  • Jo Kirby Atkinson (IIC, UK)
  • Jim Coddington (USA)
  • Claudio Hernandez (Mexico)
  • Tom Learner (USA)
  • Pip Laurenson (UK)
  • Mikkel Scharff (Denmark)
  • Tatja Scholte (Netherlands)
  • Magali Sehn (Brazil)
  • Mirta Pavic (Croatia)
  • Marina Pugliese (Italy)
  • Arianna Vanrell Vellosillo (Spain)

Editorial Committee

  • Joyce Townsend (Chair, co-ordinating production, UK)
  • Austin Nevin (as chair of the Technical Committee, Italy)
  • Agnes Brokerhof (Netherlands)
  • David Saunders (UK)
  • Jo Kirby Atkinson (IIC, UK)

IIC Council


Sarah Staniforth (National Trust (Retired), UK)

President Emeritus

Jerry Podany (J. Paul Getty Museum, (Retired) US)


  • David Saunders (Private consultant), UK)
  • Mikkel Scharff (KADK Konservatorskolen, DK)
  • Valentine Walsh (Valentine Walsh Conservation, UK)


Jo Kirby Atkinson (The National Gallery (retired), UK)


Velson Horie (Collection Care and Conservation Consultant, UK)

Director of Publications

Joyce Townsend (Tate, UK)

Director of Communications

Julian Bickersteth (International Conservation Services Pty Ltd, AU)

Council members

  • Amber Kerr (Smithsonian American Art Museum / Lunder Conservation Centre, US)
  • Madhavan Velayudhan Nair (Indian National Museum Institute, IN)
  • Austin Nevin (Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie, Consiglio Nazionale di Ricerca, IT)
  • Lorenzo Appolonia (Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta, Dep. of Cultural Heritage and Activities, IT)
  • Stavroula Golfomitsou (UCL Qatar, QT)
  • Barbara Reeve (Australian War Memorial, Canberra, AU)
  • Tiina Sonninen (Konservointi T. Sonninen Oy, FI)
  • Stephen Koob (Corning Museum of Glass, US)
  • Tom Learner (Getty Conservation Institute, US)
  • Alice Tsang (Conservation Office / Leisure & Cultural Services Department, HK)

IIC Staff

  • Graham Voce, Executive Secretary
  • Mary Breading, Finance Secretary
  • Tina Churcher, Membership Secretary