Student Posters - Hong Kong 2014

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List of student posters

  • Abdó, M. Magdalena,; Espíndola, I.; Pérez, A.; Meredíz, D. ; Chinese skirt from the Qing Dynasty: Characterization and treatment of unusual materials and techniques in México (於墨西哥修復及鑑定中國清代百摺裙的特殊材料及工藝)
  • Chi, C. ; A study of the Conservation State and Materials of the ‘Patterns of Women’s Wear’, collections of Arts Museum of the Kyoto City University of Arts (日本京都市立藝術大學資料館收藏 奧村耕仙 《婦人服裝圖案》的保存狀態與材料分析調查)
  • Decq, L.; Cattersel, V.; Indekeu, C.; Van Binnebeke, E.; Steyaert, D.; Fremout, W.; Saverwyns, S. ; European lacquers: Art-historical, technological and analytical study of European lacquer in Belgian federal collections (比利時聯邦藏歐洲漆器的藝術歷史、工藝及物料分析研究)
  • Fong, K. Wai Yin, ; Yip Ting Ip, A. ; From macro to micro : Laser scanning character defining elements of Hong Kong heritage (從宏觀到微觀:香文化遺產「性質界定元素」的激光掃描)
  • Georgieva, A. ; Chinese wedding bed curtains: Devising a methodology to treat a failing couched metal thread embroidery and material investigation (中國婚嫁的床幔 : 制訂方案修復劣化的金屬線繡和物料研究和)
  • Ho, C., B. Xu, ; Tseng, Y. ; A study of materials and solvents for poultice cleaning of incense stains in temples (研究以濕敷法清潔寺廟煙燻的材料與溶劑)
  • Howells, F. ; The conservation and identification of six Japanese lacquer plates in the collection of HM the Queen (六件英女皇藏日本漆碟的修復及檢測)
  • Jianlan, W.; Seddon, K. R.; Whitfield, S.; Wingyui, W. ; To treat, or not to treat, that is the question: Should silk facing be removed from manuscripts? (修復與否的困惑: 手抄本上的絲托面料應否除去?)
  • Jung, G. Eun; Mee Baek, Y.; Suk Kwon, Y. ; Conservation of an excavated garment from the mid-Joseun Dynasty, Korea (韓國朝鮮王朝中葉出土服飾的修)
  • Kao, W. ; Conservation of a lacquered bamboo jewellery box (竹胎珠寶漆盒的修護)
  • Klos, A. ; Conservation-restoration of 48 uta-e Japanese prints from the 1845-1848 Ogura nazorae hyakunin isshu series by Kuniyoshi, Hiroshige and Kunisada (日本浮世繪《小倉擬百人一首》1845-1848年系列內48幅国芳、広重和国貞版畫的修復)
  • Lin, T-yen. ; A feasibility study of removing wax adhesives on lining with supercritical CO2 (超臨界二氧化碳移除蠟質裱襯黏著劑可行性初探)
  • Long, M. Chui-in ; SEM-EDX analysis of blue and green pigments used in nineteenth-century China trade paintings (以掃描電子顯微鏡(SEM)/X 射線能譜(EDX)分析十九世紀中國外銷畫上的藍色及綠色顏料)
  • O'Connor, A. ; Technical examination of a 19th-Century Thai Buddha (一尊十九世紀泰國佛像的技術檢測)
  • Ocks, C.; Krist, G.; Bayerova, T.; Gustavson, N.; Loiskandl, V.; Pitthard, V. ; Two nineteenth-century thangkas from Tibet: Examination and conservation (兩幅十九世紀西藏唐卡的檢測與修復)
  • Polkownik, C. ; Replacing TEA in resin and bile soaps (取代松脂皂及膽皂內的三乙醇胺)
  • Polkownik, C. ; Replacing TEA in resin and bile soaps (取代松脂皂及膽皂內的三乙醇胺)
  • Smith, K.; Catcher, S. ; Tale of a thousand feathers: The conservation of a Chinese folding screen (千羽傳說 : 中國摺疊式屏風的修復)
  • Wong, T. Kayin ; The concept of monolithic moving for Tat Tak Communal Hall in Hong Kong (香港達德公所的平移構思)
  • Yip, V. ; Conservation of two contemporary Chinese woodblock prints using Gellan gum (以結冷膠修復兩幅近代中國木刻版畫)
  • Zhang, X. ; An amazing crown in ancient China: The reconstruction of a crown excavated from the Tang dynasty tomb of the Yan Shiwei couple (冠絕天下─唐代閻識微夫婦墓出土冠飾復原研究)