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Wall Painting Fragments from the Amun Temple in the Ancient City of Naga in Sudan
Anna Hesse

Non-Invasive Analysis of Protein-based Binding Material using Laser-Induced Florescence Spectroscopy (LIF)
Austin Nevin, Sharon Cather, Demetrios Anglos and Costas Fotakis

Revealing the Hidden Decorations of the Ghodsieh House in Isfahan
Behnam Pedram

Bourgeois Baroque: The Restoration of the Interior of Lehns Gaard in Copenhagen 1999-2005
Bo Kjeld Kierkegaard and Mette Maegaard Nielsen

An Insight into Prehistoric Times: Reading Impressions of Textiles on Archeological Ceramics
Carmen Marian

The Pennsylvania German Fraktur Artist's Palette in the Context of Commercially-Available Materials
Catherine R. Matsen, Jennifer L. Mass, and Janice H. Carlson

The Panel Painting from the Cathedral in Trogir
Cristina Thieme and Joško Belamarić

A Saint in Anglo-Norwegian Early-Gothic Style
Daniela Pawel

Study and Conservation of Rembrandt's Etchings in the D.A. Rovinski Collection at The Hermitage
Elena G. Shishkova and Roman G. Grigoriev

The Coloration of Wall Paintings From a Vergina Tomb
Eleni Pavlidou, Athanasia Kyriakou, Erifyli Mirtsou, Magdalini Anastasiou, Triantafyllia Zorba and Konstantinos M. Paraskevopoulos

Contributions to the Restoration of the Eighteenth-Century St Athanasius Church in Moschopolis, Albania
Eleni Pavlidou, Niko Civici, Edlira Caushi, Magdalini Anastasiou, Triantafyllia Zorba and Konstantinos M. Paraskevopoulos

Exploring Meanings and Values in the Life Histories of Objects
Eve Graves, Rosalind Bos, Anna-Klara Hahn, Kate Narewska, Satomi Kitano, Sarah Reardon and Wai Shan Tsui

Conservation for ‘Enlightenment’
Fleur Shearman and Marilyn Hockey

The Determination and Interpretation of Watermarks in Graphic Art Objects of the Seventeenth Century
Helmgard Holle, Karin Leitner and Manfred Schreiner

New Computerized Axial Tomographic and Digital Radiographic Methods Applied to the Analysis of Works of Art
Ignasi Gironés Sarrió and Vicente Guerola Blay

Revealing Pottery Function by Investigating its Organic Content: New Results Obtained on the Neolithic Site of Bercy (Paris, France)
Isabelle Haller, Oreste Decavallas and Martine Regert

Cypriot Post-Byzantine Wall Painting Techniques and the Discovery of Mixed Oxalates: Context and Conservation Implications
Jaana Loring Melia, Austin Nevin, Gwénaëlle Gautier and Maria Perla Colombini

‘Breakfast at Longleat: What's on the Ceiling?’ Or ‘The Myth of Venice’
Jane Rutherfoord

An Archive on the Surface: The Archaelogical Study of Culturally Significant Objects
José Manuel Barros García

Characterization of the Binding Media of Two Paintings by Reynolds
Kamilla B. Kalinina, Elizaveta P. Renne, Victor A. Korovov and Anne Chudolij

Large Mural Canvases: How to Deal With Their Relocation?
Laura Fuster-Lopez and Maria Castell-Agusti

Preservation of Ethnographic Repairs in Asiatic Shadow Puppets: Different Decisions, Different Views in the Same Collection
Lina Falcão

Sacred to Secular: The Care and Conservation of Orthodox Icons at the British Museum
Lynne Harrison, Janet Ambers, Rebecca Stacey, Caroline Cartwright, Duncan Hook and Chris Entwistle

Monet's Port-Goulphar, Belle-Île Revisited: The Significance of its Frame
Malgorzata Sawicki

The Mycenaean Bronze Cuirass from Dendra: A New Approach to its Conservation
Margarita Sofou and Despoina Katsarou-Moschona

Liubov Popova's Italian Still Life: An 'Unknown' Painting?
Maria Kokkori

A Motorbike Throughout the Ages: the Machine of the Racer Arthur Tetzlaff
Martina Glossat

Tempered Rooms Protect Objects in Museums Like 'Giant Display Cases'
Michael Kotterer, Henning Großeschmidt, and Frederick P. Boody

Plaster Sculptures on Exhibition
Michalis Doulgeridis and Maria Kliafa

Remains of Polychromy on Ancient Greek and Roman Sculpture
Mikkel Scharff, Jan Stubbe Østergaard and Rebecca Hast

The 'Neo-Gothic Revival' at the End of the Twentieth Century
Monika Bogdanowska

Aesthetic and Material Aspects of Two Berkeley Paintings by Richard Diebenkorn in the Phillips Collection
Patricia Favero

Beads of Changes: The Technical Analysis and Treatment of a Painting by Kees Van Dongen
Philip Klausmeyer and Morwenna Blewett

Assessment of Mould Growth and Moisture-Related Damage to Indoor Cultural Heritage via Simulation with a Whole Building Model
Ralf Kilian, Martin Krus and Klaus Sedlbauer

Biological Issues for the Conervation of Mural Paintings of the Takamatsuzuka and Kitora Tumuli in Japan
Rika Kigawa, Chie Sano, Tomohiko Kiyuna, Kwang-Deuk An, Junta Sugiyama, Hajime Mabuchi, Naoto Yoshida and Sadatoshi Miura

The Display Implications of the Presence of Orpiment on a Child's Coffin
Robert Lewis

Conservation of Takamatsuzuka Tumulus Paintings 30 Years After Their Discovery
Sadatoshi Miura, Takeshi Ishizaki, Masahide Inuzuka, Rika Kigawa, Chie Sano and Mamoru Mimura

Inter-Disciplinary Research on a Group of Illuminated Manuscripts from the Renaissance
Sophie Denoël, David Strivay, Georges Weber and Bernard Gilbert

Conservation of Historical Painted Flags with an Advanced Degree of Degradation from the Collection of the National History Museum of Romania
Spiridonia Macri and Virginia Diaconescu

The Formation of Protrusions in the Later Works of Alexej von Jawlensky
Stefan Zumbühl and Olga Fuesers

Trade in Artists' Materials: The Venino Merchants in Würzburg
Stefanie Gerzer and Andreas Burmester

A Conservation Dilemma: Deciding Which Life History of an Object to Preserve
Teresa Moreno

Presenting, Handling and Working on Sacred Thangkas - do we do it Right?
Ute Griesser

The Characterization if Inks Through Image-Based Analysis
Vasiliki Kokla, Alexandra Psarrou and Vassilis Konstantinou

Care and Protection: The Case of the Byzantine Codices of Panagia Chozoviotissa Monastery, Greece
Zoitsa Gkinni