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The Object in Context: Crossing Conservation Boundaries

The 21st IIC international congress took place in Munich, Germany, 28 August - 1 September 2006, at the invitation of the Doerner Institut and its parent-organisation, the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen.

The Conference examined the way that the context in which an object was conceived and created, and in which it has been kept or displayed, affects conservation decisions. The inclusion of crossing boundaries in the title indicated that contributions to the conference were cross-disciplinary in nature.

Major themes of the conference were the communication of technology-based knowledge, cross-disciplinary investigation techniques resulting in new ways of appreciating and conserving artefacts, and the making of conservation decisions in new, and perhaps unusual, ways.

The languages used at the Congress were English and German. Simultaneous translation during the lectures and general sessions was made possible through a generous grant of the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung. The Congress Preprints and the Poster presentations are in English.