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Priscilla Anderson
Harvard University Library
Recent developments in the conservation of Islamic manuscripts

Angels Arribas
National Galleries of Scotland
Flood recovery project of the Eduardo Paolozzi archive

Jean Brown, Colin Liddie & Anne Bacon
University of Northumbria at Newcastle
The development of characterisation profiles and a spectral library for pigments

Katherine Brown, Michelle Brown & David Jacobs
The British Library
The study of Anglo-Saxon illuminated manuscripts from the British Library collection using Raman microscopy

Gang Chen, Kyoko Katsumata & Masamitsu Inaba
Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku
The permanence of traditional Chinese paper

Zoitsa Gkinni
Directorate of Conservation of Antiquities, Athens
The conservation of a Book of Psalms: ethics and decision making

Hany Hanna Aziz Hanna
Supreme Council of Antiquities, Cairo
A study in deterioration of books and documents in some museums in Cairo

Gabrielle Harrison, H. Hengemihle, C.C. Ryan, M.-L. Suerra, P. Song, N. Weberg & C.J. Shahani
Library of Congress, Washington DC
A new accelerated aging test for comparing the permanence of different papers

Frank J. Ligterink, Jose L. Pedersoli Jr, Rianne Teule, John B.G.A. Havermans, Hadeel Abdul Aziz, Costas Balas, Simone Pentzien, Pascale Rudolph & Wolfgang Kautek
Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, Amsterdam
Laser technology as a solution to unanswered cleaning problems in paper conservation: PARELA - a new European cooperative research project

Leonor Loureiro, Joana Campelo & Francisca Figueira
Instituto Portugues de Conservacao e Restauro, Lisbon
A method of invisible consolidation of tears, toning and infilling transparent papers

Michael Maggen
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
An alternative approach to disinfecting books and paper supports with garlic

Katsuhiko Masuda
Showa Women's University, Tokyo
Micro dot adhering for paper conservation and offset application of paste

Heather Norville-Day
British Museum
Working outside the realms of traditional methods and materials

Marc Reeves & Anna Stenstrom
The New York Public Library
Looking at paper: Looking through paper: a visual guide for conservation treatment

Anupam Sah
ICI Orissa Art Conservation Centre, Bhubaneswar
Puskola pothi: palm leaf manuscripts of Sri Lanka

Kimberly Schenck
The Baltimore Museum of Art
Matisse's maquette for Poesies de Stephane Mallarme

Sarah Skinner, Maureen Cross, Jane Street & Caroline Cotgrove
Manchester Art Gallery
From fireplace to fine art

Yoonjoo Strumfels & Barbara H Berrie
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
Fading of watercolour pigments based on cochineal

Makiko Sugiyama
Showa University, Tokyo
Oxygen-free museum case - inserted nitrogen gas generator

Sylvia Sumira
Conservator specializing in globes, London
Journey into the interior - the use of paper in the manufacture and conservation of globes

Hanna Szczepanowska & A.R. Cavaliere
Maryland State Archives, Annapolis
Molds are mutilating our masterpieces

Aneta Tsouka
Paper/photograph conservator, Pilea, Thessaoloniki
Conservation treatment of gelatin-based photographic materials - different supports, different problems

Jedert Vodopivec, Meta Cernic Letnar & Stanka Grkman
Arhiv Republike Slovenije, Ljubljana
Conservation of extremely damaged archival material by optimising the cellulose fibre composition during the leaf casting technique

Robert E. Wynne-Jones
A historical investigation into the watercolour paper and pigments used by official and unofficial British war artists during the Second World War

Kazunari Yoshida, Saito Kyoko Katsumata & Masamitsu Inaba
Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music
The deterioration in dyed kozo paper by wet-thermal ageing or ultra violet radiation induced ageing