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Papers presented at an IIC congress and published in the contributions undergo a rigorous peer review process. Our Technical Committee on this occasion consists of Gerhard Banik (Germany), Astrid-Christiane Brandt-Grau (France), Katsuhiko Masuda (Japan), Debra Hess Norris and Abigail Quandt (USA) and Helen Shenton (UK). The papers were edited by Vincent Daniels, Alan Donnithorne and Perry Smith. Members of the Committee also selected the posters which form such an integral part of an IIC conference. The language of the conference and its publications was English.

The papers which were accepted for publication are listed below:

R Bruce Arnold
Chair, ASTM Paper Aging Research Program
New tools to measure long-term paper stability

Nil Baydar
Ankara University
Structural features and conservation problems of Turkish manuscripts and suggestions for their solution

John Bogaard & Paul M Whitmore
Carnegie Mellon Research Institute, Pittsburgh
Explorations of the role of humidity fluctuations in the deterioration of paper

Peter Bower
Paper History & Analysis, London
A brush with nature: an historical and technical analysis of the papers and boards used as supports for landscape oil sketching

A Jean, E Brown & Richard Mulholland
University of Northumbria at Newcastle
Using microfocus X-radiography and other techniques to create a digital watermark database

Anna E Bülow, Belinda J Colston & David S Watt
De Montfort University, Leicester
Preventive conservation of paper-based collections within historic buildings

Sara Burdett & Sydney Thomson
The British Museum
The Japanese hanging scroll: a deconstruction

Thea Burns
Harvard University Library
'A serious and universal evil': the early scientific study of paper deterioration

Valinda Carroll & Pamela Young
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
The language of the fan: a composite object case study

Vincent Daniels & Joanna Kosek
The British Museum
The rate of washing of paper

Jane L Down, Greg S Young, R Scott Williams & Maureen A MacDonald
Canadian Conservation Institute
Analysis of the Archimedes Palimpsest

Anne-Laurence Dupont
Centre de Recherches sur la Conservation des Documents Graphiques
The role of gelatine/alum sizing in the degradation of paper: a study by size exclusion chromatography in lithium chloride/N,N-dimethylacetamide using multiangle light scattering detection

Francisca Figueira, Ana Fernandes & Adriana Ferreira
Instituto Portugues de Conservacao e Restauro
Discoloration and opaqueness in paper from contact with air and pollution - characterization and a proposed treatment for reversal

Rodorico Giorgi, Luigi Dei, Claudius Schettino & Piero Baglioni
Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo Sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
A new method for paper deacidification based on calcium hydroxide dispersed in nonaqueous media

Katja Rie Glud & Jesper Stub Johnsen
The Danish Film Institute
Survey of the still photograph collection at the Danish Film Institute

Meghan Goldmann
Brooklyn, New York
Examination and treatment of early Andy Warhol hand-colored lithographs

Sandra Grantham
Paper Conservator, London
Japanese painted paper screens: manufacturing materials and painting techniques

Lien Gyles & Ian Maver
Conservators, Eastbourne
Conserving eleven late mediaeval manuscripts for Liverpool University

Anna Haberditzl
Landesarchivdirektion Baden-Wurttemberg, Ludwigsburg
Going, going, gone - who bids the highest output in conservation for archives and libraries?

Corinne Hillman
Camberwell College of Arts
The conservation of the Bishop Collection

Eriko Hoshi & Masahiro Kitada
Graduate School of Conservation for Cultural Property, Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku
Effects of copper on degradation of Japanese wood-block printing paper of the late Edo era and modern Japanese paper

Masamitsu Inaba, Motoko Ikeda, Kyoko Saito Katsumata, Takayuki Okayama, Osamu Nakano & Syuji Kamiya
Graduate School of Conservation for Cultural Property, Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku
Insertion-accelerated aging test of paper for conservation - increase in discoloration of paper samples

Heike Jerosch, Bertrand Lavédrine & Jean-Claude Cherton
Centre de Recherches sur la Conservation des Documents Graphiques
The use of size exclusion chromatography (SEC) for evaluation of paper degradation caused by nitrogen oxides, in comparison with other methods

Masako Koyano, Miho Yoneda, Rie Tojo, Mika Okawa & Masako Saito
Art Conservation Lab, Tokyo
Conservation of modern Nihonga (Japanese painting) on paper

Beate Kozub
Conservator, Potsdam
The preservation of historical objects made of paper in Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

Isabelle Lambert & Claude Laroque
MST de Conservation et Restauration des Biens Culturels, Universite de Paris I
An eighteenth-century Chinese wallpaper: historical context and conservation

Margaret Lawson & Akiko Yamazaki-Kleps
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Examination and conservation of the fifteenth-century parchment manuscript, The Belles Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry

T K McClintock
Conservator, Somerville, Mass.
Observations on the conservation of globes

Margo McFarland
The Art Institute of Chicago
Marking time: the conservation of Hanne Darboven's Seven Panels and Index

Zubair Ahmed Madani
National Museum of Pakistan
The development of a conservation treatment approach for Islamic miniatures

Yasuhiro Oka & Jennifer Perry
Oka Bokkodo Co. Ltd, Kyoto
The use of digital imaging in the mass repair of Japanese historical documents and sutras: an alternative to direct leaf casting

Sylvie Penichon, Martin Jürgens & Alison Murray
Frenchtown, USA/Hamburg, Germany/Kingston, Canada
Light and dark stability of laminated and face-mounted photographs: a preliminary investigation

Klaus Pollmeier & Jonathan Arney
Mülheim-Ruhr, Germany/Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Edge reflection analysis: a new technique for the documentation and characterization of photographic and other glossy surfaces

Abigail Quandt
The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
The Archimedes Palimpsest: conservation treatment, digital imaging and transcription of a rare mediaeval manuscript

Patrick Ravines, Safa Motlagh, Mitra Samiei & Molly Dewey
Baha'i World Centre
The use of gel electrophoresis and immunological techniques in the analysis of gum arabic

Zoe Reid, Niamh McGuinne & John Fields
National Gallery of Ireland/State Laboratory, Dublin
The Yeats Archive: a method of identifying wax crayon

Birgit Reissland & Margaret W Cowan
Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage
The light sensitivity of iron gall inks

Shiho Sasaki & Pauline Webber
Intermuseum Conservation Association, Oberlin/Victoria & Albert Museum
A study of dayflower blue used in ukiyo-e prints

Chandru Shahani & Gabrielle Harrison
Library of Congress, Washington DC
Spontaneous formation of acids in the natural aging of paper

Season Tse, Paul Begin & Elzbieta Kaminska
Canadian Conservation Institute
Highlights of paper research at the Canadian Conservation Institute