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Monday 9 October
1600-2000 Registration

Tuesday 10 October
In the Chair: John Winter

Forbes Prize Lecture
Sarah Staniforth, Advisor on Paintings Conservation and Environmental Control at the National Trust (UK)

1100-1130 Coffee

Penelope Edmonds and Elizabeth Wild
New obligations: conservation policy and treatment approaches for Aboriginal collections in Bunjilaka, the Aboriginal Centre, Melbourne Museum

Helen Lloyd and Sarah Staniforth
Preventive conservation and 'a madness to gaze at trifles': a sustainable future for historic houses

1230-1400 Lunch break

In the Chair: Marcelle Scott

Mikkel Scharff
Insight into early nineteenth-century painting conservation in Denmark

E. Oberthaler and M. Griesser
Titian's 'Madonna with the Cherries' — a conservation history reconsidered

Jane Henderson and Diane Dollery
Growing pains — the development of a conservation profession in the UK

1530-1600 Coffee

Mille Stein, with contributions from Richard Francén, Verner Thomsen and Lis Sejr Eriksen
To regild or not: evaluation of an inter-Scandinavian restoration project

Eric Miller, Nicholas J. Lee, Kenneth Uprichard and Vincent Daniels
The examination and conservation of the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum

Alexandra Kosinova and Charlotte Hubbard
The Boppard Altarpiece: research on original techniques and recent conservation

Evening Reception

Wednesday 11 October
In the Chair: Nicholas Stanley-Price

G. Alessandrini, L. Toniolo and C. Colombo
Partially fluorinated acrylic copolymers as coatings for calcareous stone materials

C.R.T. Young and R.D. Hibberd
The role of canvas attachments in the strain distribution and degradation of easel paintings

Hubertus A. Ankersmit, Graham Noble, Laura Ridge, Diane Stirling, Norman H. Tennent and Simon Watts
The protection of silver collections from tarnishing

1030-1100 Coffee

Ian Donald MacLeod and Jeffrey Beng
The contribution of alloy composition to the fate of foundered vessels

Hazel Newey
Conservation and the preservation of scientific and industrial collections

Sheila Fairbrass
The conservation of a V2 rocket

1230-1400 Lunch break

In the Chair: Robyn Sloggett

Lynn B. Brostoff, Tara J. Shedlosky and E. René de la Rie
External reflection study of copper–benzotriazole films on bronze in relation to pretreatments of coated outdoor bronzes

James Coddington and Suzanne Siano
Infrared imaging of twentieth-century works of art

David Saunders, Andreas Burmester, John Cupitt and Lars Raffelt
Recent applications of digital imaging in painting conservation: transportation, colour change and infrared reflectographic studies

1530-1600 Coffee

Martina Griesser, Andrea Denker, Helga Musner and Karl Hugo Maier
Non-destructive investigation of paint layer sequences

A. Xavier-Rowe, D. Imison, B. Knight and D. Pinniger
Using heat to kill museum insect pests – is it practical and safe?

Stephen P. Koob
New techniques for the repair and restoration of ancient glass

Evening Reception

Thursday 12 October
In the Chair: David Saunders

David Erhardt, Charles S. Tumosa and Marion F. Mecklenburg
Natural and accelerated thermal aging of oil paint films

Aviva Burnstock and Raymond White
A preliminary assessment of the aging/degradation of Ethomeen C-12 residues from solvent gel formulations and their potential for inducing changes in resinous paint media

Dusan Stulik, Valerie Dorge, Herant Khanjian, Narayan Khandekar, Alberto de Tagle, David Miller, Richard Wolbers and Janice Carlson
Surface cleaning: quantitative study of gel residue on cleaned paint surfaces

1030-1100 Coffee

E. René de la Rie, Suzanne Quillen Lomax, Michael Palmer, Lisha Deming Glinsman and Christopher A. Maines
An investigation of the photochemical stability of urea–aldehyde resin retouching paints: removability tests and colour spectroscopy

Mark Leonard, Jill Whitten, Robert Gamblin and E. René de la Rie
Development of a new material for retouching

Afternoon Excursions

Friday 13 October
In the Chair: Colin Pearson

Vinod Daniel, Colin Pearson, Ivan Cole, Wayne Ganther and Steve King
Behaviour of museum buildings in tropical climates

Nigel Blades, May Cassar, Tadj Oreszczyn and Ben Croxford
Preventive conservation strategies for sustainable urban pollution control in museums

Louise Bacon and Graham Martin
Out of Africa! Display case strategies — the theory and the reality

1030-1100 Coffee

Andrew Thorn
Titanium dioxide: a catalyst for deterioration mechanisms in the third millennium

T.M.A. Ogilvie, J.F. Carter and R.P. Evershed
Spices in the display environment

Rachel A. Mustalish
Optical brighteners: history and technology

1230-1400 Lunch break

In the Chair: Sarah Staniforth

Ann Galbally, Angela Kerry and Robyn Sloggett
Art conservation and art fraud: dissecting the thin blue line

Melanie Rolfe, Lyndsey Morgan and Tom Learner
Saving the New Generation for the next generation: traditional approaches and radical solutions in the conservation of large painted sculpture of the 1960s

Charles S. Rhyne
Changing approaches to the conservation of Northwest Coast totem poles

1530 IIC Keck Award

Evening IIC 50th Anniversary Dinner

Saturday 14 October
In the Chair: E. René de la Rie

Sharon K. Rutledge, Bruce A. Banks, Virgil A. Chichernea and Christy A. Haytas
Cleaning of fire damaged watercolour and textiles using atomic oxygen

Paul M. Whitmore, Catherine Bailie and Sandra A. Connors
Micro-fading tests to predict the result of exhibition: progress and prospects

Boris Pretzel
Determining the colour fastness of the Bullerswood carpet

1030-1100 Coffee

John Larson, Martin Cooper and Samantha Sportun
Developments in the application of laser technology for conservation

Caroline P. Kyi and Robert E. Drew
Bioremediation of soluble nylon: investigations of genetic information and enzymatic activities associated with the utilization of soluble nylon as a nutrient substrate

Walter Gneisinger and David Watkinson
Innovative uses for aqueous foams in conservation practice

1230-1400 Lunch break

In the Chair: David Bomford

Alison Lister
Indeterminate problems: exploring the potential of problem-based learning in conservation education

Jonathan Ashley-Smith
Developing professional uncertainty

Discussion followed by Close

Evening Reception


Roberto Bellucci and Cecilia Frosinini
Specific development and refinement for the cleaning methods of the 'lost' Intercession Polyptych by Gentile da Fabriano

Julian Bickersteth
Conservation of the Hall of Memory glass tile mosaic, Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Jon Braenne
New light on traditional paint

Stephania Chlouveraki
Traditional techniques of site consolidation: a review of materials and methods used on Central and East Crete over the last 30 years

C. Colombo, L. Toniolo and U. Casellato
Polychrome terracotta statues of the seventeenth century: microscopic and spectroscopic characterization

Sabine Cotte
From one restoration to another: travelling within a conservator's studio

Luciana da Silveira
The treatment of folk pageant costumes from northeastern Brazil

Katherine Eremin, Stuart Adams and Jim Tate
Improved monitoring of dust deposition in museums

Anke Freund and Gerhard Eggert
Why not to bleach ivory with ammoniacal hydrogen peroxide

Roy Garner
A novel technique for cleaning natural history and ethnographic artifacts

Kathryn Gill
A 1950s upholstered chair: combining the conventional and the innovative in both manufacture and conservation

Mark Gittins, Giovanna Martelotti, Sybille Nerger and Elio Paparatti
The conservation of Roman wall decoration in Nero's Golden House, Rome: the Sala della Volta Dorata

Teresa M. Heady
Assessment of conservation methods old, new and indigenous applied to thangkas

R.D. Hibberd, D.J. Carr and C.R.T. Young
The failure mechanisms of model nineteenth-century primed canvases

Janet Hughes, Vinod Daniel, Colin Pearson and Ivan Cole
Environmental factors affecting deterioration of historic buildings in Antarctica – a case study

Nobuyuki Kamba
Toward standardization of a high-performance display case

Valerie Kaufmann
Wax models, portraits and sculptures – problems encountered and practical solutions devised

Kimio Kawaguchi and Masahiko Tsukada
Seismic isolation and conservation work on Rodin's 'The Gates of Hell'

Narayan Khandekar and Michael Schilling
A technical comparison of two versions of the portrait of Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse by Joshua Reynolds

Steffen Laue, Claudia Sommer, Käthe Klappenbach and Jörg Kirschstein
Grottos in the Royal Gardens of Potsdam, Germany: the Grottensaal of the New Palace and the grotto in the New Garden – decoration and conservation

Paula Mills and Rose Kerr
A study of ruby-pink enamels on Chinese porcelain: with a comparison of Chinese pink glass, and European pink enamels on ceramics

Sadatoshi Miura
Development of preventive measures against earthquakes: Japanese experiences

Ichiro Nagasawa, W.T. Chase, Tsukasa Shida, Naoki Fujita and Masako Koyano
Conservation of a Japanese polychrome Buddhist sculpture

Tadateru Nishiura, Masaya Masui and Takao Ebisawa
New conservation method for stone remains applying traditional mud-wall technique – conservation treatment of remains at Ranigat site, Gandhara, Pakistan

Jenny Potter, David Singleton and Helen Tayler
A new versatile support system for Egyptian cartonnage

Mark Sandy and Louise Bacon
Investigation into the degradation of Raphia palm leaf material used in ethnographic objects

T.K. Strang, J. Mitchell, A. Pearce and C. Pearson
Low-cost heating methods for insect pest control

G.J. Troup, D.R. Hutton, Robyn Sloggett, F. Lotti, M. Picollo and A. Casini
ESR spectroscopy can help with paint pigment provenance

David Wise, Vincent Otieno-Alego and Ingrid Ford
The identification of yellow dyes using Raman microspectroscopy