IIC Student & Emerging Conservator Conferences

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Copenhagen Discussions IIC's Student & Emerging Conservator Conference series, instigated in 2011, is aimed at helping recent graduates and those still studying conservation to develop their future planning and gain valuable career information and advice from those who have already trodden that path. The conferences, with studio visits, interactive 'round table' presentations and social events offer invaluable networking opportunities with webcasts allowing a wide, international range of participation. The 2011 Conference was held in London, the 2013 conference in Copenhagen and the 2015 in Warsaw.

We are delighted that the 6th edition of the Student and Emerging Conservators Conference titled, “The Faces of Conservation”,  will be hosted and organised by  a local committee from the NOVA School of Sciences and Technology, in Lisbon, Portugal on the 14 - 16 October 2021.  


Past conferences:​

The previous  IIC Student & Emerging Conservator Conference, 'The Conservator’s Reflection', was held at the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences (CICS)  12–14 September 2019.

Watch filmed sessions from past student conferences here.