Between Home and History: Managing the interface between preservation and development of living historic places

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At the IIC congress in Istanbul the last event in the IIC initiative Dialogues for the New Century explored the conflicts that emerge when pressures of development, gentrification or regeneration challenge our desire to preserve places of historic value that are also home to living communities. If a place has value as both a historic memory and as a home, how can all these values be preserved? When a neighbourhood, district or region of historic significance is preserved, what are we preserving? Is our concern solely with the material remains which serve as memory prompts… or is there more? Where does the dynamic function of home fit within the preservation plan? How is the community, along with its ongoing way of life, incorporated into the preservation of a place? This Round Table explored these and many other issues as the panellists gathered, with you, at the interface between preservation and development… between home and history. Watch an exclusive IIC interview with the Nobel Laureate author Orhan Pamuk in regard to this discussion.

Pamuk, Orhan
Monday, 20 September, 2010 - 23:00

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