Past events: Point of the Matter Dialogues

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Events and discussions addressing the conservation of cultural heritage in a changing world.

The IIC regularly initiates presentations and dialogues that explore emerging issues in the modern world and the relationship of those issues to the preservation of cultural heritage. These events are also offered to raise awareness of heritage conservation among relevant professions and the public sector. Each event benefits from a variety of expertise, in a broad spectrum of disciplines, contributing unique perspectives on a specific topic. The events are open to all but also targeted to create productive collaborations among a variety of stakeholders. Edited transcripts can be found below for each event.

Past Events

Viral Images: Exploring the historic and conservation challenges of objects created for social protest and solidarity

The Future of Heritage Science (20th January 2015)

Protecting, Preparing and Responding: the International Committee of the Blue Shield

Not your grandmother's chair

Rising Tide/Melting Ice: The preservation of world archaeological heritage in a time of climate change - an on-line dialogue

Under Lock and Key? Collection readiness and response in times of conflict

Between Home and History: Managing the interface between preservation and development of living historic places

The Plus/Minus Dilemma: The Way Forward in Environmental Guidelines

Conservation in Crisis

Before the Unthinkable Happens Again

Climate Change and Museum Collections


Do you have ideas for new events in this series?

We are always looking for new themes, ideas and speakers. If you would like to see an idea or topic explored please let us know.