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IIC Fellows are established members of the profession who are elected by the existing body of Fellows. The category of Fellowship is defined by Articles Section 5-6 of IIC's Articles of Association. In addition to Individual Members' rights, each Fellow has the right to stand for and nominate candidates for membership of the IIC Council and to nominate other Fellows.

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Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs about demystifying the process - and how to join as an individual member, non-member and Regional Group member. Plus new webinars, and support from our membership staff if you don't know Fellows to help with your nomination. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Fellowship and Membership Engagement Manager Ellie Sweetnam, ellie.sweetnam@iiconservation.org

Planning your path to Fellowship

Our ambition is to build an open and inclusive network of Fellows in every region of the world. Our goal is to empower change and become a catalyst for discovery and pioneering practice globally”

Julian Bickersteth FIIC, President IIC

Deadlines for applications are:

  • 31 March 2023
  • 31 July 2023
  • 30 November 2023

Who can be a Fellow?

Fellowship of IIC is open to those who are actively engaged in the profession of conservation. They may be:

  • practicing conservators and restorers
  • scientists and technologists working in the field of conservation
  • conservation educators
  • other persons, whether technical, curatorial or administrative, who have made an important contribution to the conservation profession.

Fellows are normally expected to have been active in the conservation profession for at least ten years and preferably to have been individual members of IIC but this is not essential. For conservators, this ten year period can include up to three to five years of a training or apprenticeship period under teachers of recognised ability. For other applicants, the ten-year period can include up to three years of postgraduate study towards a relevant higher degree or diploma.
Fellows must be able to demonstrate commitment to the profession and to show that they keep up-to-date with relevant developments. Indicators include publications, voluntary service to conservation organisations, active participation in conferences and training events, membership of other relevant professional bodies, and accreditation by a national organisation.

Please note: Fellowship is awarded after the full nomination and election process is successfully completed. Payment of a Fellowship rate membership fee to IIC does not in itself confer Fellowship of IIC or any rights of Fellowship.

Who invites whom to be a Fellow?

If you are not a Fellow of IIC, one of your colleagues who is already a Fellow may suggest that you apply and offer to act as your Nominating Fellow (see below). But a potential candidate does not necessarily have to wait to be invited and can seek nomination by an IIC Fellow or help and guidance from the IIC Office.

The Fellowship Application Process

A Nominating Fellow, namely a Fellow in good standing with the IIC, can nominate a member of the IIC for Fellowship status by following these two simple steps:

I. The Nominating Fellow should first ensure that the candidate:

  • is in agreement with being nominated
  • has been in the field for at least ten years and has made sufficient contribution to the profession to be deserving of the status of IIC Fellow.
  • is currently a member (though this is not essential) or is willing to become a member of IIC

The Nominating Fellow should also ensure that three other IIC Fellows in good standing have agreed to support the nomination and know that they may be asked for their views on the candidate by Council.

II. The Nominating Fellow, in co-operation with the candidate, should then provide to the IIC Office, using the downloadable Application for Fellowship Form with the following:

  • The name, status, affiliation and full contact details of the candidate
  • The names and electronic contact details or postal addresses of three willing Supporting Fellows whose support the Nominating Fellow has received and can attest to
  • A brief statement, written by the Nominating Fellow and not exceeding 200 words, summarising the candidate's contribution to conservation and supporting the nomination.
  • The candidate's current CV

In circumstances when it proves difficult or impossible to use email for the nomination form and/or the CV, hard copies of the nomination form can be requested from the IIC Office and when completed can be submitted by scanned email.
The IIC office will be happy to assist the Nominating Fellow and the candidate in the process of nomination, including if required, checking the current Fellowship status of IIC members. (An effort should first be made however to confirm this by logging on to the membership list on this website).

Once the nomination has been approved by Council it is sent for ballot to all IIC Fellows who are offered the voting options: "for", "against" and "not known to me". To be elected a Fellow a candidate must gain two-thirds of the votes returned in favour of the candidate, disregarding "not known to me" responses. Successful candidates will be notified as soon as possible and will be asked to provide a summary biography and a photograph for News in Conservation and for the IIC website.

A registration fee of £25 is payable upon election. This fee is waived for IIC members and to elected Fellows located in band 2, 3 and 4 countries.