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Brief Report: IIC 2019 Annual General Meeting and Council Meeting

A lovely farewell to out-going IIC President, Sarah Staniforth (right), as we welcome in Julian Bickersteth (left) as the new President of IIC. Image courtesy of Jane Henderson

By Graham Voce


Every year IIC holds the Annual General Meeting (AGM), bringing IIC’s council and officers before the membership to review the past year; those in attendance discuss issues, news and developments the council is planning in order to help move IIC and the international conservation profession and community forward. The AGM is also a governance meeting that is part of IIC’s legal framework as a UK registered charity; at this time trustees—members of IIC’s governing Council—either stand down or are (re)elected by IIC’s membership.

Committee agrees to map heritage sites across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The coordination committee on heritage sites has decided to map cultural, natural and religious sites across the country to develop plans for the preservation of heritage sites.

Tuesday’s meeting was chaired by Minister for National History and Literary Heritage Shafqat Mehmood and attended by culture and archaeology ministers from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Singh, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

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North Carolina State University Basketball Player Lends an Arm to Ancient Statue

North Carolina State University basketball player Wyatt Walker models with a bunch of grapes at the team’s Dail Basketball Center practice facility in Raleigh while NCMA conservator Corey Riley, artist Larry Heyda, engineer Andrew Terrell, and NCMA Curator of Ancient Art Caroline Rocheleau help place his arm to fit the Statue of Bacchus. Image courtesy of the NCMA.

The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) worked with North Carolina State University men’s basketball player Wyatt Walker to re-create the arm of an ancient statue as part of its Bacchus Conservation Project. The 6-foot-9-inch player’s arm was 3-D scanned by Heather Pendrak of Pendragon 3D, with Walker holding grapes above his head in the manner depicted in a 19th-century drawing of the statue, to help artist Larry Heyda of Lawrence Heyda Studios create the new statue arm.

Prehistoric Mysteries Unlocked with a CT Scanner

Ichthyosaur at the Urwelt-Museum Hauff in Holzmaden, 2009 (3669195531_393c858dd6_z). Photograph by Mike Haller. Image licensed under “CC BY 2.0”

In 1955, at the Fell Mill Farm in Warwickshire, England, a 200-million-year-old skull of an Early Jurassic Ichthyosaur was unearthed. Over the decades the skull received little attention and was never thoroughly studied until 2014 when paleontologists Dean Lomax (University of Manchester) and Nigel Larkin began a research project at Thinktank Science Museum, Birmingham (UK).

Discovering the invisible art of Basquiat

Details of the Jean-Michel Basquiat painting (Untitled, 1981). (Left) Arrow 1 visible when viewed using UV radiation. (Right) Arrow 1 invisible when viewed using visible light. Copyright Longevity Art Preservation. 

Emily MacDonald-Korth interviewed by Sharra Grow

Emily MacDonald-Korth, president and chief conservator-analyst at Longevity Art Preservation (based in Miami, Florida, USA) recently discovered previously hidden elements on an important Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. Through a Q&A with editor Sharra Grow, Emily tells NiC readers the whole story.

Q: How did you discover the hidden elements in Basquiat’s painting? Tell us the story of how it happened.

ASOR CHI: Documenting, Protecting, and Preserving Cultural Heritage

A photograph of the heavily damaged al-Ma’ara Museum taken by local partners (photograph provided by The Day After - Heritage Protection Initiative; June 2015)

By Marina Gabriel

ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives is an international, collaborative effort founded to respond to the destruction of cultural heritage in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Since 2014, ASOR CHI has produced over 2,000 reports on the cultural situation, inventoried 16,000 sites, conducted 13,000 satellite assessments, and compiled 17,000 archived media entries on cultural heritage incidents and assets.


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