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Protecting cultural property during conflict: the 21st Century Monuments Men

American GIs, including Sgt. Henry Hartung to the left of the painting, admire a masterpiece by Edourard Manet, stored in Merkers salt mine during WWII. This painting from Kaiser-Friderich Museum in Berlin, had been brought to the mine for safekeeping. (Photo credit: National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD / Public Domain)

By Peter Stone

The IIC is rightly proud of the fact that many of its founders served as members of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Commission (MFAA), or ‘Monument’s Men,’ during the Second World War. This small unit, which we would now refer to as cultural heritage specialists, comprised some of the foremost experts in art history, historic architecture, and archaeology.


Icon UK's Ceramics and Glass Group are pleased to announce an extended call for posters for the joint conference convened with the Glass and Ceramics Working Group of ICOM-CC, hosted by the British Museum from 5-7 September 2019.

5 Sep 2019 to 7 Sep 2019
22 Apr 2019

Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring back on display

Painting conservator and Head Researcher Abbie Vandivere with the Girl with a Pearl Earring.  The Mauritshuis

THE HAGUE - Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, the public’s favourite from the collection of the Mauritshuis in The Hague, is back on display at the Mauritshuis after undergoing scientific examination. For two weeks the painting was removed from its usual location to allow researchers to perform in-depth scientific examination, conducted in the museum’s Golden Room in full view of the public. In order to make the research into the Girl with a Pearl Earring visible to visitors, the Mauritshuis constructed a studio with a glass enclosure in the museum’s ‘Golden Room’.

Coming to an Agreement – Display negotiations between an artist, curator and conservator by Sophie Sarkodie

© Tate

This article will focus on the hanging solutions of a series of large photographic panels, part of the work How to Look….. by Babette Mangolte, originally made in 1976-78. It is on display at Tate Modern for a year, until July 2018. Mangolte’s display, How To Look… (2017), was planned by Tate Curator Valentina Ravaglia, with much input and communication from the artist, as well as the artist attending a planning meeting and being present for the installation of the works.

The complex preservation of Keith Haring’s 1987 mural at the Hopital Necker des Enfants Malades, Paris by Will Shank + Antonio Rava

Overview of the tower in the context of the other hospital buildings, after treatment in 2017. Photo by Will Shank. Keith Haring artwork . © Keith Haring Foundation

There was some question as to whether the mural could be saved when we were first included in a meeting on this matter in Paris at the Hopital Necker des Enfants Malades, at the invitation of Julia Gruen, the Executive Director of the Keith Haring Foundation. It was the autumn of 2011, and we still had a conservation team on the scaffolding on the church of Sant’Antonio dell’Abate in Pisa, where we were in the midst of restoring Haring’s last public mural, Tuttomondo, from 1989.

IIC's 27th Biennial Congress: Register now!

Turin - Piazza Castello © Enrico Aretini

Preventive Conservation: The State of the Art - World Class Speakers, Sessions, Networking, Tours & Debates Exploring the biggest issues that exercise our field, this year’s IIC Congress is set to attract the best minds in conservation from around the world. Read all about it here.

The programme on the Congress web-site shows the exciting and innovative papers and poster on research and practice in preventive conservation that will be presented in Turin. You can also read about the extensive social programme and tours that are part of the Congress week here and here

To find out more please go to the Congress registration page - we look forward to seeing you there!

10 Sep 2018 to 14 Sep 2018
17 May 2018

6th International Mountmakers’ Forum

The Natural History Museum, London is delighted to be hosting the Sixth International Mountmakers Forum.

The first of its kind to be held in Europe the Forum will consist of talks, poster sessions, discussion groups, workshop and exhibition tours focused on all aspects of mount making. The Mountmakers Forum will be 10 years old in 2018 so we hope you will join us in London to celebrate.

The event is open to all museum professionals and will be of particular interest to mountmakers and those involved in exhibition development.

25 Sep 2018 to 27 Sep 2018
31 Jul 2018

CATS conference: Trading Paintings and Painters’ Materials 1550-1800

Registration is now open for a two-day Technical Art History conference to be held by CATS in Copenhagen on 21 – 22 June 2018. The venue will be the National Museum of Denmark. The key-note speakers will be Dr. Sandra van Ginhoven, Research Associate at the Getty Research Insistute, and Dr. Jo Kirby Atkinson, formerly at the National Gallery London.

21 Jun 2018 to 22 Jun 2018
22 May 2018


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