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Auschwitz camp in desperate need of conservation

The new director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp claimed recently that the site was in urgent need of conservation.

The camp buildings are under threat from flooding and erosion, and many of the artefacts on the site are being damaged by mould, insect activity or poor environmental conditions. There is also some loss or damage from the camp's 1 million annual visitors.

Conservators on the internet...

It is becoming more common for conservators and museums to publish blogs which keep the general public and fellow professionals informed about their day-to-day work, interests, thoughts and concerns.

These blogs vary widely. Some of them are simple and updated infrequently, while others are huge team efforts, slickly presented and full of information. Some of these blogs are related to a particular project; others are long-term affairs. All of them provide a fascinating picture of the everyday concerns of conservators and cultural heritage professionals around the world, however.

Welcome to the new IIC Newsblog

This is the first post in the new IIC Newsblog, which will publish a variety of news stories, including members' news and projects, news about conservation and cultural heritage, and IIC news and business.


This is the newsblog of the International Institute for Conservation, providing conservation news stories from around the world.
More information will be posted here in due course. In the meantime, if you would like to send a story to the blog, please e-mail the newsdesk.
- Christina Rozeik, News editor, IIC


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