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mcmp2012 - Modern and contemporary mural paintings - Technique, value and conservation

Conceptual, material and technical issues surround the production of mural paintings in the 20th and 21st centuries. Graffiti, community mural paintings, the use of materials from industry, the new approaches in the ways in which buildings are conceived, the constant transformation of public space. All this diversity creates a new scenario that imposes specific considerations regarding the study, documentation, treatment and preservation of such particular artworks.
The Conference mcmp2012 will focus on the following topics:

3 May 2012

Call for Papers - The Conservation of Material Culture in Tropical Climates

The 3rd APTCCARN Meeting (Asia Pacific Twentieth Century Conservation Art Network) will be held from Monday 23 April to Wednesday 25 April at Silpakorn University, Nakornpathom in Thailand. ‘The Conservation of Material Culture in Tropical Climates’ Meeting is a targeted forum for the dissemination and discussion of regionally relevant preservation solutions for Southeast Asia’s vast cultural record.

22 Apr 2012 to 24 Apr 2012
21 Sep 2011

10th Biennial International Conference of the Infrared and Raman Users Group (IRUG10)

IRUG is pleased to announce that the 10th international IRUG conference (IRUG10) will be hosted by the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Barcelona in March 2012. Delegates from universities and museums throughout the world are encouraged to attend to share their experiences in the spectroscopic analysis of cultural heritage materials.
Venue:University of Barcelona
Faculty of Chemistry
Dept. Analytical Chemistry
Barcelona, Spain

27 Mar 2012 to 30 Mar 2012
15 Nov 2011

Wood in the 21st century - Design and Preservation of Contemporary & Historic Architecture

Registration is now open for the conference “Wood in the 21st century - Design and Preservation of Contemporary & Historic Architecture”
Organised by
• Technology & Conservation
• MIT Department of Architecture's Building Technology programmeme
• Boston Society of Architects/AIA's Historic Resources Committee

24 Mar 2012
2 Jan 2012

Call for papers - Conference on surface metrology and art conservation

3rd International Conference on Surface Metrology.
Annecy, Savoie Mt Blanc, France
Submissions are invited from all fields involving the measurement and analysis of surface metrologies including: archeology, art conservation, anthropology, biology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, counterfeiting, defense, forensic, food science, geodetics, geology, material science, mechanical engineering,medical sciences, physics, security, sport equipment, tribology, etc.

21 Mar 2012 to 23 Mar 2012
15 Dec 2011

Colours of Hallstatt | textiles connecting science and art

On the occasion of a three-year research project on 'Dyeing techniques of the prehistoric Hallstatt-Textiles' funded by the Austrian Science FWF [L431-G02] at the Natural History Museum of Vienna both an exhibition and a symposium will be organized. In co-operation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, the Austrian Society for Textile-Art-Research and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands at both events, a colourful spectrum of research and art is presented.

21 Mar 2012 to 23 Mar 2012

Institute of Conservation Talk: Back to Front- Marks, labels & seals on the backs of paintings

The ICON Paintings Group invite you to a St Valentine’s Day Talk given by Christopher Stevens, Superintendent of the Royal Collection, Hampton Court Palace.
The Royal Collection: Back to Front - Marks, labels & seals on the backs of paintings
Tuesday, 14th February 2012
Doors open at 6pm talk begins at 6.30pm prompt
Venue: the Grand Robing Room,
Freemason’s Hall,
60 Great Queen Street,
London WC2B 5AZ
Close to both Covent Garden and Holborn Tube Stations

14 Feb 2012
10 Feb 2012

Digital Artworks - The Challenges of Conservation

Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe - ZKM | Media Museum
What happens to media art when the Internet environment for which it was conceived, changes? Can works that were once developed for the PC now be shown on an iPad? The exhibition Digital Art Works - The Challenges of Conservation at the ZKM | Media Museum fundamentally explores questions related to collecting, exhibiting, and maintaining computer–based art works and makes the work concerning digital conservation visible.

12 Feb 2012


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